Thursday, September 28, 2006

The three-year contract to market Doguard in Israel is worth an estimated NIS 7 million.

Gali Weinreb 28 Sep 06 17:50

Maayan Ventures Ltd. (TASE:MAYN) today announced that its portfolio company Bio-Sense Technologies Ltd. has signed a cooperation agreement with Team 3 Security Systems Ltd. to market the company’s Doguard system in Israel. Maayan said the three-year contract is worth an estimated NIS 7 million ($1.5 million).
The Doguard system analyzes the behavior of guard dogs, identifying situations in which the dog spots an attempted break-in. Dog’s sound the alarm by barking during unusual incidents, such as a break-in, the discovery of explosives, the fainting of a member of the family, and so on. The problem is that the person hearing the barking, either directly or via a monitor, does not always know why the dog is barking a dangerous intruder, or merely a cat.

Bio-Sense has developed technology that can decode the dog’s bark by monitoring the types of barks and various physiological markers during the barking.

*the blogg author is invested in Maayan