Tuesday, February 27, 2007

5 Jews changed the way we see the world:

First was Moses on top of mount Sinai holding the ten commandments "The Law is everything"
Second came Jesus standing on the shore of the seas of Galilee "Love is everything"
Third was Marx "Money is everything"
Forth was Freud "Sex is everything"
and last and not least was Einstein "Everything is relative"

But then came Itzik Wilf the founder of Mate "Analytics is Everything" :-)
Infinity Equity Capital Announces the First Investment of the New Infinity Israel‑China Fund

Fund leads a $6M Investment in Mate Intelligent Video

Tel Aviv, Israel, and Beijing, China, February 27, 2007 --- Infinity Equity Capital announced today that it has led a US$6 million round, in which it has invested
US$3.2 million, in Mate Intelligent Video. Other investors in the round include I-CSVC, Infinity’s Chinese partner, as well as existing Mate shareholders such as The Peleg Group. This marks the first investment by Infinity’s new Infinity Israel‑China Fund.

Mate develops and sells advanced intelligent video surveillance, content analysis and transmission as well as management products for security, safety and retail applications. The security and safety products give real-time alerts based on information captured from security and safety cameras. The retail products provide data regarding consumer behavior.

Concurrently with the Mate investment, Infinity helped Mate to build relations that led to the signing of an agreement with one of China’s leading IT providers, which will be identified in a future announcement. According to the agreement, the Chinese company will license Mate’s technology for use in China, adapt it to the needs of the Chinese market and market it in China. Infinity also announced today its intention to invest US$3 million in the Chinese company.

“The Infinity Israel-China Fund continues to capitalize on its positioning as the first foreign-invested LP/GP Fund in China. Today’s announcement is an example of Infinity’s implementation of its proven strategy to invest in Israeli technology companies alongside investments in Chinese companies having synergistic market and execution capabilities. Our strong relationship with our Chinese partners is producing exciting and lucrative opportunities that are likely to produce a significant ROI for the Fund within a short period of time. I-CSVC’s Mate investment, their sixth with us, is a clear indication of the strength of our relationship,” said Mr. Avishai Silvershatz, Managing Partner, Infinity Equity Capital and the Infinity Israel-China Fund.

The investment strategy supports investing in Israeli companies, which own proven technology that can be licensed. It also supports investing in the Chinese companies that license these proven, advanced Israeli technologies and then produce or market products, based on these technologies, in China under their own brand name. Value is created by structuring companies in China which bring together real businesses and proven technologies at attractive valuations. Value is also created by generating IP in China which is currently protected by the Chinese government. The Israeli company earns from the licensing fees as well as the royalties gained from product sales in China. The combination helps to increase the valuation of the Israeli company. Both the Chinese companies and the Israeli companies are M&A and/or IPO candidates.

“It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. The Israeli companies bring innovation and technological know-how. The Chinese bring stellar execution and marketing experience. The combination is very beneficial for all involved,” said Mr. Silvershatz.

About Infinity Equity Capital

Infinity is one of the leading Israeli-related funds managing more than US$300 million and a portfolio of 45 companies. Since June 2005, Infinity has had eleven successful exits including the sale of ProActivity Software Solutions Ltd to EMC Corporation; the sale of Identify Software to BMC Corporation (NYSE:BMC) for US$150 million, the sale of Shopping.com to eBay Inc. (Nasdaq:EBAY) for US$640 million, the sale of Sightline Technologies to Stryker Corporation (NYSE:SYK) for US$150 million and the IPOs of Saifun Semiconductors Ltd. (NASDAQ: SFUN) and Maayan Ventures Ltd. (TASE: MAYN). Infinity has a highly experienced international team spanning the globe with offices in Tel-Aviv, New York, and China. Strategic partners include: The IDB Group, I-CSVC/SIP in China, FBR (Friedman, Billings, Ramsey) and GE Investments.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Do you own a Homeland Security Company? Maybe Huron Capital is Seeking to buy you :-)

Huron Capital Partners LLC announced today that it has formed a partnership with industry executives Michael T. Dougherty and Lucy C. Dougherty to build a platform company in the homeland security industry. Through their holding company, Valiant Systems, they plan to acquire and build companies in the homeland security, national security, defense, law enforcement support and forensic advisory services sectors.

Valiant Systems will target companies that have $15 to $250 million of revenues and address the requirements identified in the President’s National Strategy for Homeland Security, Critical Infrastructure Initiatives (both private and public sector), and Defense and Intelligence Community Appropriations. Such companies generally benefit from a diversity of revenue sources, including the U.S. Government, state agencies, and a significant number of private sector enterprises.

Valiant is particularly interested in the following sub-sectors:
(i) Sensors, detection and surveillance systems;
(ii) Information management, integration and analysis;
(iii) Identity verification and tracking; and
(iv) Other security products and services.

Michael Dougherty commented, “Our vision is for Valiant Systems to be the industry leader in delivering practical and innovative security, detection, and intelligence solutions. We believe Valiant is well-positioned for growth in this dynamic market space and to capitalize on the tremendous public and private sector spend over the next five years. We are fortunate to be partnered with Huron Capital, whose strong track record of building industry leaders provides a key advantage in attracting the best growth companies in this market.”

According to John Higgins, a Partner at Huron, “This partnership represents another strategic market entry initiative for us, through which we can offer great resources to companies by leveraging Michael and Lucy’s collective industry expertise and contacts, assisting with business development and accessing acquisitions to supplement growth.”

Friday, February 16, 2007

Video Content Analysis Moves to the Edge

IMS Research’s latest report on video content analysis (VCA) highlights the rapidly growing trend towards embedding VCA algorithms into security devices, such as DVRs video encoders and network cameras. DSP-based analytics enables these devices to analyse live or recorded video streams to detect predefined suspicious activities, events or behavior patterns.

IMS Research predicts that in the short term the biggest penetration of VCA will occur within DVRs and video encoders. This will be due to the large installed base of analogue cameras. Intelligent encoders offer a cost effective way to convert to a networked system and analyse the video at the point of capture. A number of suppliers are already offering network cameras with a full suite of embedded analytics. IMS predicts that in the coming years there will be even greater penetration of VCA as network camera manufacturers increasingly embed low cost, entry level analytics for advanced motion detection or systems health monitoring. IMS Research predicts that shipments of network cameras with embedded VCA will exceed 800,000 units by 2010.

Market research analyst at IMS Research, James McManus commented: “There will be a greater emphasis on moving the intelligence out into the field devices to enable pretransmission processing and bandwidth preservation. Intelligent edge devices eliminate the need to transmit all captured video to centralized servers for analysis. This is a more cost effective way of implementing VCA than a server-based approach and will lead to far greater uptake of VCA technology”

Network Video Surveillance Market Surges Ahead

A new market study from IMS Research has found that the trend from analogue CCTV to network video surveillance is in full swing. The world market for network video surveillance products increased by an impressive 41.9% in 2006 and is forecast to continue growing strongly for many years to come. By 2010, the combined market for network cameras, video servers and NVRs is forecast to exceed $2.6 billion.

Research Director at IMS Research, Simon Harris commented: “the market has the potential to grow even faster than this. Even at this impressive growth rate, network cameras will still account for only one-third of the security cameras shipped in 2010. The security industry is notoriously resistant to change and new technologies generally take a while to gain acceptance. The main challenge for suppliers is to educate the market about the many benefits of network video surveillance over traditional analogue CCTV”.

Whilst network cameras attract most of the attention in the network video market, the video server market should not be overlooked. Video servers enable companies to make use of their existing analogue cameras as they upgrade to a network video surveillance system, thus protecting their initial investment. With the trend to network video surveillance in its infancy, and an installed base of tens of millions of analogue cameras, there is a huge available market for video servers and so the market is forecast to grow strongly for many years to come. The report also highlights the growing demand for hybrid analogue-digital solutions. DVR manufacturers are releasing products that can record both analogue and network cameras and enable customers to mix and match technologies. Furthermore, they represent a more “future proof” investment for those companies currently installing analogue cameras who are considering upgrading to network cameras in the future.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mate Intelligent Video signs agreement with top Systems Integrator:
Tour Andover Control – Americas (TAC)

McLean, VA (January 29th, 2007) Tour Andover Control (TAC)– Americas, one of the world largest control system companies, has signed a Dealer Agreement with MATE – Media Access Technologies, Inc – a U.S. leading Intelligent Video provider to deliver state-of–the art integrated security systems.

According to the agreement, TAC as a part of their security division, will market, sell and install MATE’s Intelligent Video product offerings to deliver improved open system solutions and services to its customers. MATE’s product line includes intelligent video surveillance systems: Behavior Watch™2004, Trigger™, AnalyzR™ and access control products: CountWatch™ and iSense™ providing the customer with a complete tri-layered shield solution for perimeter, site and access control.

MATE’s advanced technology using robust video analytics, accurately analyzes threats or suspicious behaviors generating real-time alerts upon detected events, whereas a people/car counting application as well as tailgating detection enhance security at the access control level. The flexible architecture, scalability and open level of integration give MATE all ingredients to fit in TAC’s philosophy as a global supplier of integrated systems for building automation, based on Open Systems for Building IT® on Education, Corporate, Commercial, Healthcare, Hospitality or Retail markets.

This new dealer agreement propels Mate to additional 15 US locations raising the distribution channel to over 200 offices US-wide and in South America.

About Tour Andover Control

TAC is a leading provider of building automation solutions based on Open Integrated Systems for Building IT. TAC's mission is to provide added value through building environment services for indoor climate, security and use of energy, delivered with advanced technology to end users and property owners throughout the world. With over 80 years of experience in the HVAC, building automation and security arenas, TAC employs more than 4,500 people worldwide, with partners and branches in 80 countries.

About MATE
Mate Intelligent Video is a global provider of intelligent, real time networked solutions for proactive video surveillance. Its advanced technology detects and analyzes potential threats and hazards, generating real-time alerts upon discerning events. The company was founded in 1997 by an elite team of computer vision scientists and software engineers. MATE is headquartered near Tel-Aviv, Israel with its US offices located

Blogg owner is the CFO of Mate ......