Wednesday, January 28, 2009

IMS Reports 2009: The IP Video Market Won’t Slow Much

I ask you all .. Is there a real market SLOW DOWN? I say NO; actually the market is continuing to GROW

· Jan 26, 2009

The worldwide market for video surveillance cameras and software is expected to reach $14.3 billion in 2012, according to the new IMS research report. The total market was estimated to be worth $7.7 billion in 2007, and is expected to increase 13.4 percent per year between now and 2012.

Much of the growth will be driven by markets in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Latin America. Combined growth for these regions is expected to remain above 20 per cent for the foreseeable future, and the combined value of these regions is expected to approach $2 billion in 2012 just less the 14% of the total global market.

In Asia, China is the powerhouse behind video surveillance growth. Government investment in Safe City projects remains high. Some 660 cities have been earmarked for development and new installations calling for thousands of cameras have continued to appear over the last year. China is also host to two major international events in the next two years, the World Expo in Shanghai and the Asian Games in Guangzhou, each of which will require substantial infrastructure investment.

In more established markets, there has been a noticeable slowdown in video surveillance spending. Overall, IMS forecasts that the video surveillance market in Western Europe, the U.S. and Japan will to grow by slightly more than 4 percent in 2009. Retail and banking verticals will be hardest hit as consumer spending slows and financial institutions remain shaky. The transportation and government verticals fare better because video surveillance is often viewed as essential for ensuring public safety, and substantial government funding for it still exists. However, IMS sees significant recovery in these regions in 2011 and 2012 as the relentless trend to network surveillance continues.

“The long term trends that will affect the CCTV and video surveillance market are the shift to network video surveillance, the increasing use of video content analysis, and the anticipated increased interoperability between network products,” Simon Harris, senior analyst at IMS Research and the principal author of the report, said in a statement. “The economic downturn will have negative impact in some market verticals, but overall market growth is expected to remain at a solid level. Our research concludes that the market for IP video surveillance management software will remain very strong.”

IP-based surveillance systems will continue to grow faster than the analog market, IMS predicts. Revenues for IP video surveillance management software, both open platform and proprietary, will top $1 billion by 2012, up from $236.2 million in 2007. The analog video surveillance market, however, is only forecast for 5.9 percent growth over the same period, IMS reports.

The reports from IMS Research are based on interviews with more than 100 international companies in the security industry, as well as data and statistics derived from relevant news sources, annual reports, and the Internet.

I would like to add my 10 cents to this report

Everyone is using the term SLOW DOWN, and it is a painfully reality in many industries and most if not all economies, but when talking about the Video Surveillance market and especially the IP Surveillance and Video Content Analysis segment it is just a state of mind that analysts reporters and especially leaders of this industries should snap out off, slower rates of increase still mean GROWTH and when you add growing trends within the industry like IP Video and Video Analytics this spells untapped opportunities, power shifts.

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Alon Blankstein – Rain Maker at MATE Intelligent Video

Friday, January 23, 2009

CCTV Center Chooses MATE Intelligent Video to Secure Solar Fields in Spain

Yehud, Israel (January 22, 2008) MATE Intelligent Video, the technology leader in intelligent video surveillance systems and video analytics, today announced that its Trigger analytic video encoder has been chosen by CCTV Center, a leading distributor in Spain, to protect several local solar fields.

Spain is one of the leading countries applying "concentrating solar power" (CSP) technologies. The solar fields are often located in remote areas. Consequently a short response time to any disruption has become one of the most pressing security issues. Traditional security such as physical barriers and cameras are incapable of providing a sufficient solution when addressing this issue.

The client, a major solar power company in Spain, experienced substantial financial losses due to the theft of solar panels and metals from their remote sites. The double fence protection around the field's extensive perimeter was not a sufficient deterrent to protect the unmanned sites from repeated thefts.

MATE added its Trigger analytic video encoder to the existing network of video cameras installed at the inner perimeter fence. These units, which can concurrently analyze up to four video inputs, are specifically designed to operate in harsh outdoor conditions. In addition they provide a security level by far superior to CCTV systems. CCTV Center, MATE's distributor in Spain, has provided local support for this project.

MATE's Trigger systems are able to track objects in real time, allowing the user to select from a rich set of detectable behaviors to alert upon. These systems help security organizations better focus resources and lower response times - without raising overall surveillance overhead.

Juan Jose Gallego, Technical Manager of CCTV Center, expressed his satisfaction: "MATE's technology greatly enhanced the security envelope surrounding our client's solar power installations, and easily and cost effectively integrated into the existing infrastructure."

"Solar fields are part of the critical national infrastructure and require reliable and stable security systems" said Aviram Segal, MATE VP Sales and Marketing. "We are pleased that MATE is increasingly selected as the preferred provider to secure these and similar types of important sites."