Wednesday, April 13, 2011

KapLogic Corporation's Aegis PSIM Software Partners with Mate Intelligent Video

New integration increases efficiency by providing security professionals the power to review alarms and pull video from
one system

DENVER, March 30, 2011 - KapLogic Corporation, the developers of Aegis PSIM Intelligent Integration Software, has partnered with Mate Intelligent Video, a Mango DSP Company, the providers of video analytic solutions, to create a video solution that includes the power of Aegis' integration capabilities and Mate's video analytics capabilities for current and legacy video systems.

Aegis PSIM Software integrates Mate analytics with existing NVR / DVR systems, expanding power and increasing simplicity for the user. Aegis PSIM software combined with Mate video analytics solution gives security professionals the ability to manage security breaches quickly and effectively. The automated detections available in Mate and the integration ability in Aegis provide straight forward security management tailor-made to fit end users' specific needs.

"As the demand for video analytics is growing, this is a natural step forward for KapLogic and Mate," said Daniel Peled, executive vice president of sales, Mango DSP, Inc. "The real-time alerts generated by Mate Video Analytics Solutions will help Aegis PSIM users detect and analyze potential threats and hazards as they occur."

Mate Intelligent Video provides powerful rule-based analytics solutions for surveillance and retail management. Within the Mate system, users can manage object detection, behavior and object tracking, counting, scene learning, object classification and much more. Mate's unique Rule Dependency feature combines multiple detection rules using Boolean logic to allow custom detection scenarios and focused alarms. The video analytics rules are configured via the Mate system.

"The integration between Aegis and Mate provides customers with video analytic integration ability and efficiency. Simply put, Aegis and Mate's partnership allows KapLogic to meet the expanded video integration needs of our customers," said KapLogic president, Richard Beard.

KapLogic Corporation's Aegis PSIM Intelligent Integration Software is a simple to use, straight-forward solution for any manned-guard security station. Aegis is an advanced graphical user interface that seamlessly integrates video, access control, intrusion, intercom, asset tracking and life safety systems

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MATE Intelligent Video Integrates with Pelco Sarix Network Camera

McLean, VA and Clovis, CA (October 13th, 2009) - MATE-Intelligent Video, a technology leader in video analytics, and Pelco by Schneider Electric are pleased to announce the successful integration of the Pelco Sarix™ network camera and MATE's Behavior Watch and Count Watch v4.2.2 products.

MATE's powerful behavior recognition and object counting applications combined with the Sarix world-class imaging performance provide a cutting edge intelligent video system featuring H.264 compression, minimized bandwidth and focused alarms using MATE's unique rule dependency - the ability to define a sequence of events by associating several detection rules using Boolean logic (AND, OR, THEN). This feature, as well as the Sarix Auto Back Focus capability - which adjusts and refocuses the camera automatically for day and night modes, make detection more reliable and accurate.

"Image quality is one essential aspect for good video analytics performance," says Dan Raudnitz, Vice President of R&D at MATE Intelligent Video. "Pelco's great innovation in camera technology provides new possibilities in video surveillance."

"We are pleased to have this successful integration of our video security products with MATE's advanced intelligent video surveillance," says Stéphane Lantoine, Pelco Business Development Manager Integration EMEA. "Using the combination of MATE's Behavior Watch and Count Watch powerful video analytics with Sarix image quality is a real advantage for our mutual customers."

This integration provides customers an intelligent reliable IP solution with robust video analytics and best of breed camera for advanced imaging and detection technology even in low-light environments.

About MATE-Intelligent Video
MATE Intelligent Video is a global provider of cutting-edge, real time video analytics solutions for proactive video and IP surveillance, people and car counting, and tailgating detection. MATE's advanced video content analysis technology detects and analyzes potential threats and hazards, generating real-time alerts based on user's pre-defined parameters. Founded in 1997, MATE has gained extensive experience in the video analytics field, and has positioned itself as a market leader. Leveraging an open architecture, MATE's flexible and field-proven solutions integrate easily into any network topology, and are sold, installed and supported by top tier systems integrators and distributors worldwide. Website:

About Pelco
Pelco, Inc. by Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video and security systems and equipment ideal for any industry. Pelco produces the security industry's most respected offering of discreet camera domes and enclosures, video matrix systems, next-generation digital video recorders, Full HD LCD displays and megapixel cameras, IP solutions and fiber optic transmission systems for video/data - and much more. For additional product or company information, please visit or

Monday, June 29, 2009

MATE Intelligent Video Partners with Tubular Intelligent Solutions to Provide Video Content Analysis in South Africa.

McLean, VA (June 29, 2009) MATE-Intelligent Video, the technology leader in intelligent video surveillance systems and video analytics announces a new partnership with Tubular Intelligent Solutions - a major security, IT and network systems integrator in South Africa to market, sell and deploy MATE's intelligent video products for pro active video surveillance, behavior recognition, people and vehicle counting.

"There is a real need for intelligent video technology in South Africa. We were impressed with MATE's product offerings and are confident that their solutions will help respond to the security challenges we face." says Dieter Venter, sales director at Tubular Intelligent Solutions. "Here the situation is different from the US or Israel. In South Africa, we fight crime rather than terror".

A recent study from the South African Police Service reported the country to have the sixth highest murder rate in the world. Because of increasing crimes, many middle-class South Africans have moved into gated communities abandoning the central business districts.

Security companies with armed guards are becoming very popular for businesses and many households who seek security from the private sector.

MATE's intelligent video solutions provide powerful real-time video content analysis that can detect suspicious events such as: loitering, perimeter intrusion or stolen objects. By automating video monitoring with different behavior recognition rules, MATE's solutions help prevent crime and help officials achieve faster response times in case of an incident.

"We are thrilled to partner and support a well renowned integrator and are looking into new creative ways to deploy our technology to secure cities, schools and businesses" says Aviram Segal, VP of Sales & Marketing at MATE.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What is the best place for deploying Video Analytics?

Should we install Video Analytics On the Edge (a DSP based solution on or next to the video camera) or in a centralized location (a Server based solution)? Or maybe it could be one of the two depending on the topology of the Video Surveillance network? Or maybe it does not matter

If you would like to voice your opinion go the following Poll

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DVTel and MATE Intelligent Video award Mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia for: "Best Intelligent Metropolitan Video Surveillance Deployment"

McLean, VA (April 21, 2009) DVTel and MATE Intelligent Video presented the award "Best Intelligent Metropolitan Video Surveillance Deployment" to Mayor Fernando Margaín Berlanga from the City of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico on April 1st 2009 at the ISC West show in Las Vegas.

The award recognizes the successful implementation of a city-wide IP-based surveillance project which includes a video monitoring and recording center, video analytics detection, license plate recognition, automatic dispatch system, GIS and access control. Integration to Plataforma México is a major achievement in this project.

Implemented and designed by Global Business Solution (GBS), the project offers a complete security solution with DVTel's intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) and fully integrated MATE's Behavior Watch and Trigger video analytics for perimeter protection, restricted area monitoring and abandoned objects detection.

This integrated solution has been successful on many fronts, but most notably in reducing municipal polices' response time to incidents.

"We are proud of the capabilities that our technology adds to this urban surveillance system and the role that it plays in protecting the citizens of San Pedro" says John Szczygiel, president of MATE Intelligent Video.

"The San Pedro city project proves what can be accomplished when you think outside of the box", says Paul Smith, Executive Vice President of SaaS and Chairman of the Board, DVTel Mexico, "By exploring IP-based solutions and implementing cutting-edge technologies, ROI is met faster, people are safer in their environment and the police are able to do their job more effectively."

The recent increase in crime in Mexico, following the drug trafficking swaps, has strained officials and Police authorities in providing security for the population. The implementation of the combined DVTel/MATE solution has provided much needed relief to this issue.

Photo from left to right: John Szczygiel (MATE), Manuel Treviño (San Pedro), Mayor Fernando Margaín Berlanga, Paul Smith (DVTel), Antonio Mora (San Pedro), Jorge Vasquez (GBS)

For more information about this project view the recent FOX News coverage opening the doors of one of the command centers in the city of San Pedro.

Fox News Report: Inside the Danger