Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MATE Intelligent Video Integrates with Pelco Sarix Network Camera

McLean, VA and Clovis, CA (October 13th, 2009) - MATE-Intelligent Video, a technology leader in video analytics, and Pelco by Schneider Electric are pleased to announce the successful integration of the Pelco Sarix™ network camera and MATE's Behavior Watch and Count Watch v4.2.2 products.

MATE's powerful behavior recognition and object counting applications combined with the Sarix world-class imaging performance provide a cutting edge intelligent video system featuring H.264 compression, minimized bandwidth and focused alarms using MATE's unique rule dependency - the ability to define a sequence of events by associating several detection rules using Boolean logic (AND, OR, THEN). This feature, as well as the Sarix Auto Back Focus capability - which adjusts and refocuses the camera automatically for day and night modes, make detection more reliable and accurate.

"Image quality is one essential aspect for good video analytics performance," says Dan Raudnitz, Vice President of R&D at MATE Intelligent Video. "Pelco's great innovation in camera technology provides new possibilities in video surveillance."

"We are pleased to have this successful integration of our video security products with MATE's advanced intelligent video surveillance," says Stéphane Lantoine, Pelco Business Development Manager Integration EMEA. "Using the combination of MATE's Behavior Watch and Count Watch powerful video analytics with Sarix image quality is a real advantage for our mutual customers."

This integration provides customers an intelligent reliable IP solution with robust video analytics and best of breed camera for advanced imaging and detection technology even in low-light environments.

About MATE-Intelligent Video
MATE Intelligent Video is a global provider of cutting-edge, real time video analytics solutions for proactive video and IP surveillance, people and car counting, and tailgating detection. MATE's advanced video content analysis technology detects and analyzes potential threats and hazards, generating real-time alerts based on user's pre-defined parameters. Founded in 1997, MATE has gained extensive experience in the video analytics field, and has positioned itself as a market leader. Leveraging an open architecture, MATE's flexible and field-proven solutions integrate easily into any network topology, and are sold, installed and supported by top tier systems integrators and distributors worldwide. Website: www.mateusa.net

About Pelco
Pelco, Inc. by Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video and security systems and equipment ideal for any industry. Pelco produces the security industry's most respected offering of discreet camera domes and enclosures, video matrix systems, next-generation digital video recorders, Full HD LCD displays and megapixel cameras, IP solutions and fiber optic transmission systems for video/data - and much more. For additional product or company information, please visit http://www.pelco.com or http://www.pelco.com/ip

Monday, June 29, 2009

MATE Intelligent Video Partners with Tubular Intelligent Solutions to Provide Video Content Analysis in South Africa.

McLean, VA (June 29, 2009) MATE-Intelligent Video, the technology leader in intelligent video surveillance systems and video analytics announces a new partnership with Tubular Intelligent Solutions - a major security, IT and network systems integrator in South Africa to market, sell and deploy MATE's intelligent video products for pro active video surveillance, behavior recognition, people and vehicle counting.

"There is a real need for intelligent video technology in South Africa. We were impressed with MATE's product offerings and are confident that their solutions will help respond to the security challenges we face." says Dieter Venter, sales director at Tubular Intelligent Solutions. "Here the situation is different from the US or Israel. In South Africa, we fight crime rather than terror".

A recent study from the South African Police Service reported the country to have the sixth highest murder rate in the world. Because of increasing crimes, many middle-class South Africans have moved into gated communities abandoning the central business districts.

Security companies with armed guards are becoming very popular for businesses and many households who seek security from the private sector.

MATE's intelligent video solutions provide powerful real-time video content analysis that can detect suspicious events such as: loitering, perimeter intrusion or stolen objects. By automating video monitoring with different behavior recognition rules, MATE's solutions help prevent crime and help officials achieve faster response times in case of an incident.

"We are thrilled to partner and support a well renowned integrator and are looking into new creative ways to deploy our technology to secure cities, schools and businesses" says Aviram Segal, VP of Sales & Marketing at MATE.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What is the best place for deploying Video Analytics?

Should we install Video Analytics On the Edge (a DSP based solution on or next to the video camera) or in a centralized location (a Server based solution)? Or maybe it could be one of the two depending on the topology of the Video Surveillance network? Or maybe it does not matter

If you would like to voice your opinion go the following Poll


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DVTel and MATE Intelligent Video award Mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia for: "Best Intelligent Metropolitan Video Surveillance Deployment"

McLean, VA (April 21, 2009) DVTel and MATE Intelligent Video presented the award "Best Intelligent Metropolitan Video Surveillance Deployment" to Mayor Fernando Margaín Berlanga from the City of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico on April 1st 2009 at the ISC West show in Las Vegas.

The award recognizes the successful implementation of a city-wide IP-based surveillance project which includes a video monitoring and recording center, video analytics detection, license plate recognition, automatic dispatch system, GIS and access control. Integration to Plataforma México is a major achievement in this project.

Implemented and designed by Global Business Solution (GBS), the project offers a complete security solution with DVTel's intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) and fully integrated MATE's Behavior Watch and Trigger video analytics for perimeter protection, restricted area monitoring and abandoned objects detection.

This integrated solution has been successful on many fronts, but most notably in reducing municipal polices' response time to incidents.

"We are proud of the capabilities that our technology adds to this urban surveillance system and the role that it plays in protecting the citizens of San Pedro" says John Szczygiel, president of MATE Intelligent Video.

"The San Pedro city project proves what can be accomplished when you think outside of the box", says Paul Smith, Executive Vice President of SaaS and Chairman of the Board, DVTel Mexico, "By exploring IP-based solutions and implementing cutting-edge technologies, ROI is met faster, people are safer in their environment and the police are able to do their job more effectively."

The recent increase in crime in Mexico, following the drug trafficking swaps, has strained officials and Police authorities in providing security for the population. The implementation of the combined DVTel/MATE solution has provided much needed relief to this issue.

Photo from left to right: John Szczygiel (MATE), Manuel Treviño (San Pedro), Mayor Fernando Margaín Berlanga, Paul Smith (DVTel), Antonio Mora (San Pedro), Jorge Vasquez (GBS)

For more information about this project view the recent FOX News coverage opening the doors of one of the command centers in the city of San Pedro.

Fox News Report: Inside the Danger

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You are invited to see MATE's Video Analytics live as presented in the FOX News cast titled Inside the Danger

Title: Inside the Danger
Published: Wed, 25 Mar 2009
Description: Greta gets an up close look at Mexico police's command center

Monday, March 09, 2009

Reason #3 to look for Video Analytics at ISCWest 09

Friday, February 20, 2009

Intelligent Video has a Bright Future
January 7, 2009

An interesting article written by Gadi Piran, President and CTO at On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) discusses video analytics growth market and areas.

Business intelligence will be the driving force behind the adoption of video analytics in the retail sector, according to a recent statement issued by IMS, the British research firm. As the retail sector becomes increasingly competitive in a tough economic climate, retailers are turning to video analytics to gain valuable insights into customer shopping behavior that can potentially increase sales and improve operational efficiency, says IMS.

The prediction becomes even more significant when you factor in that, according to some sources, the retail industry is the largest spender on video surveillance equipment in the U.S. But retail is only one of several applications seeing growth in video analytics - the U.S. Department of Homeland Security uses it in defense of our borders; the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) uses it in airports and New York’s MTA (Metro Transit Authority) uses it to help secure the City’s public transit systems. Analysts say that these and other similar projects have kept intelligent video sales growing at a rate of about 25 percent per year.
The surge in interest and implementation of network-based video surveillance systems over the past few years has enabled video analytics to become positioned as a key element in a video surveillance system and, in many cases, it has become indispensable for effectively and efficiently analyzing the surveillance data. In short, the situational awareness provided by video analytics adds more power, versatility and reliability to a network-based video surveillance system.

For example, software suite solutions offer advanced analytics for automated detection and policy-driven analysis of events and/or the motion pattern of people, vehicles and objects. In effect, IP control solutions deliver the large scale functionality of traditional matrix switching systems with all the inherent benefits of software driven management and control.

With all of these extraordinary capabilities already embedded in today’s IP control solutions, the future of this subset of network-based video surveillance then belongs to video analytics. Some of the areas in which we can expect to see growth include:

• Algorithms - Stronger and more reliable analytic algorithms will be developed for improved motion detection. Algorithms for audio analysis (i.e. gunshots, breaking glass, etc.) and behavioral analysis are also in development as well as algorithms for predictive activity.
• Integration - As applications come together under a single platform, control will become more sophisticated and capable. For example, smart buildings will feature fiber backbones to which all devices will be connected and controlled. Building environmental controls will be integrated with video surveillance and access control as well as with external databases (i.e. HR).
• Interoperability - Open architecture and industry standards will become the norm, allowing for increased interoperability with video analytics on edge devices. As well, operational capabilities will expand will permit additional features such as the use of multiple detectors, an unlimited number of rules per camera and multi-sensory input analysis (i.e. odors, audio, etc.).

The strides made to date in video analytic technology are astounding and have ultimately changed the parameters of IP-based video surveillance. As the initiatives outlined above reach maturity, they will deliver an unprecedented ability for organizations to better ensure the safety of individuals and security of property.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

MATE's Analytics Integrate with Hirsch Security Systems

MATE Adds Powerful Video Analytics to Hirsch's Velocity System

McLean, VA (February 11, 2009) MATE-Intelligent Video, a technology leader in intelligent video surveillance systems and Hirsch Electronics -- a leading provider of security management systems -- today announce the completion and availability of their integration empowering the award-winning Velocity™ Security Management System with MATE's Behavior Watch™ video content analysis capabilities to deliver intelligent surveillance and physical security convergence.

Behavior Watch turns nearly any camera -- IP or analog -- into an intelligent sensor able to detect intrusion, suspicious objects (e.g., backpack), removed objects (e.g., a painting), and undesirable behavior (e.g., loitering). The server-based Behavior Watch sends real-time alarms and alerts to the Velocity Security Management System which performs the appropriate actions such as notifying guards and authorities, executing pre-programmed actions (e.g., lock-down, sirens, etc.), and logging event details.

"The integration of Hirsch's Velocity with MATE's advanced video analytics not only enhances both parties' offerings and opens new channels, but it also provides the market with a greatly enhanced security surveillance solution," said John Szczygiel, president of MATE.

MATE's powerful video analytics detection features, combined with Hirsch's access control, alarm monitoring, badging, smart cards, biometrics and now intelligent video, provides a truly converged security solution with multiple end-user benefits including:

  • Enhanced security from advanced behavior recognition capabilities;
  • Operational efficiency from automated video surveillance and proactive event detection;
  • Extension of existing investments by leveraging existing infrastructure and legacy equipment; as an example, MATE's open architecture platform allows American Dynamics® Intellex® users to pull video directly from the Intellex digital video recorder (DVR) and send tagged alarms with snapshots to the Velocity system which controls and manages the Intellex DVR.

"Systems interoperability is the key factor for a successful deployment and operation of different technologies in a security project. The Velocity platform allows it to happen, and MATE's open architecture and intuitive software fits well into the overall system," says John Coker, director of sales for Hirsch.

About MATE-Intelligent Video

MATE Intelligent Video is a global provider of cutting-edge, real time video analytics solutions for proactive video and IP surveillance, people and car counting, and tailgating detection. MATE's advanced video content analysis technology detects and analyzes potential threats and hazards, generating real-time alerts based on user's pre-defined parameters. Founded in 1997, MATE has gained extensive experience in the video analytics field, and has positioned itself as a market leader. Leveraging an open architecture, MATE's flexible and field-proven solutions integrate easily into any network topology, and are sold, installed and supported by top tier systems integrators and distributors worldwide. Website: http://www.mateusa.net/

About Hirsch Electronics

Hirsch Electronics manufactures security systems for worldwide markets. Hirsch is a recognized leader in IP-based physical security solutions that interoperate with other networked systems. Hirsch's award-winning role-based access control (RBAC), identity management, and security management systems integrate access control, digital video, alarm monitoring, smart cards and biometrics. Website: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102452805062&e=001XW2cjKGvUKDJCzWQRHG5IozWpnhg447l_-pXHQqDDtH0jZOsIjmEhuhsdnsSnXc4MwHA47WXku0mUUiJY42pESXcifJBwXDk5vqFy2lmdGyGjvnRMr9aLpHm8haL-3db.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

MATE - Intelligent Video Announces Version 4.0 - a New Generation of Video Analytics.

4.0 includes significant enhancements and changes to MATE's product line.

Yehud, Israel (February 3rd, 2008) MATE-Intelligent Video, the technology leader in intelligent video analytics released today version 4.0 which incorporates significant technological improvements, new features, enhanced capabilities and introduces new products.

"This is the most considerable release for MATE with both technological and creative advancements in video analytics" says Dan Raudnitz - Vice President of R&D at MATE - Intelligent Video.

MATE's new intelligent video encoder, TriggerNG (Next Generation), is a revolutionary transmission device with 4CIF/CIF resolution and MJPEG/MPEG4 video streaming. It supports eight different video analytics detection features, object classification and an analog output with video analytics overlay on the video. The encoder differentiates itself with a robust and rich feature mix video analytics platform available at an extremely competitive price.

In version 4.0, MATE unveils Rule Dependency, a feature allowing users to combine multiple detection rules in a logical way and custom naming of alarms greatly enhancing end user's control. Additionally, MATE increased its channel capacity offering systems capable to analyze up to twelve analog or IP channels on a single server.

Following its open architecture principle, MATE continues to add new technology partners. In Version 4.0 MATE is has added integrations with American Dynamics® VideoEdge®, Hirsch Velocity, IQeye 753 series and DVTel 5.3 providing an excellent system compatibility with cutting-edge video analytics for a pro-active video surveillance.

"With this new release we confirm our place as a leading provider of video analytics technology. We continue to design products that work, that are intuitive and bring value to customers." says John Szczygiel President of MATE Intelligent Video.

To learn more about MATE's intelligent Video products visit: http://www.mateusa.net/

About MATE
MATE Intelligent Video is a global provider of cutting-edge, real time video analytics solutions for proactive video and IP surveillance, people and car counting, and tailgating detection. MATE's advanced video content analysis technology detects and analyzes potential threats and hazards, generating real-time alerts based on user's pre-defined parameters. Founded in 1997, MATE has gained extensive experience in the video analytics field, and has positioned itself as a market leader. Leveraging an open architecture, MATE's flexible and field-proven solutions integrate easily into any network topology, and are sold, installed and supported by top tier systems integrators and distributors worldwide.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

IMS Reports 2009: The IP Video Market Won’t Slow Much

I ask you all .. Is there a real market SLOW DOWN? I say NO; actually the market is continuing to GROW

· Jan 26, 2009

The worldwide market for video surveillance cameras and software is expected to reach $14.3 billion in 2012, according to the new IMS research report. The total market was estimated to be worth $7.7 billion in 2007, and is expected to increase 13.4 percent per year between now and 2012.

Much of the growth will be driven by markets in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Latin America. Combined growth for these regions is expected to remain above 20 per cent for the foreseeable future, and the combined value of these regions is expected to approach $2 billion in 2012 just less the 14% of the total global market.

In Asia, China is the powerhouse behind video surveillance growth. Government investment in Safe City projects remains high. Some 660 cities have been earmarked for development and new installations calling for thousands of cameras have continued to appear over the last year. China is also host to two major international events in the next two years, the World Expo in Shanghai and the Asian Games in Guangzhou, each of which will require substantial infrastructure investment.

In more established markets, there has been a noticeable slowdown in video surveillance spending. Overall, IMS forecasts that the video surveillance market in Western Europe, the U.S. and Japan will to grow by slightly more than 4 percent in 2009. Retail and banking verticals will be hardest hit as consumer spending slows and financial institutions remain shaky. The transportation and government verticals fare better because video surveillance is often viewed as essential for ensuring public safety, and substantial government funding for it still exists. However, IMS sees significant recovery in these regions in 2011 and 2012 as the relentless trend to network surveillance continues.

“The long term trends that will affect the CCTV and video surveillance market are the shift to network video surveillance, the increasing use of video content analysis, and the anticipated increased interoperability between network products,” Simon Harris, senior analyst at IMS Research and the principal author of the report, said in a statement. “The economic downturn will have negative impact in some market verticals, but overall market growth is expected to remain at a solid level. Our research concludes that the market for IP video surveillance management software will remain very strong.”

IP-based surveillance systems will continue to grow faster than the analog market, IMS predicts. Revenues for IP video surveillance management software, both open platform and proprietary, will top $1 billion by 2012, up from $236.2 million in 2007. The analog video surveillance market, however, is only forecast for 5.9 percent growth over the same period, IMS reports.

The reports from IMS Research are based on interviews with more than 100 international companies in the security industry, as well as data and statistics derived from relevant news sources, annual reports, and the Internet.

I would like to add my 10 cents to this report

Everyone is using the term SLOW DOWN, and it is a painfully reality in many industries and most if not all economies, but when talking about the Video Surveillance market and especially the IP Surveillance and Video Content Analysis segment it is just a state of mind that analysts reporters and especially leaders of this industries should snap out off, slower rates of increase still mean GROWTH and when you add growing trends within the industry like IP Video and Video Analytics this spells untapped opportunities, power shifts.

The report summary is available at http://www.imsresearch.com./ Registration is required.

Alon Blankstein – Rain Maker at MATE Intelligent Video www.mateusa.net

Friday, January 23, 2009

CCTV Center Chooses MATE Intelligent Video to Secure Solar Fields in Spain

Yehud, Israel (January 22, 2008) MATE Intelligent Video, the technology leader in intelligent video surveillance systems and video analytics, today announced that its Trigger analytic video encoder has been chosen by CCTV Center, a leading distributor in Spain, to protect several local solar fields.

Spain is one of the leading countries applying "concentrating solar power" (CSP) technologies. The solar fields are often located in remote areas. Consequently a short response time to any disruption has become one of the most pressing security issues. Traditional security such as physical barriers and cameras are incapable of providing a sufficient solution when addressing this issue.

The client, a major solar power company in Spain, experienced substantial financial losses due to the theft of solar panels and metals from their remote sites. The double fence protection around the field's extensive perimeter was not a sufficient deterrent to protect the unmanned sites from repeated thefts.

MATE added its Trigger analytic video encoder to the existing network of video cameras installed at the inner perimeter fence. These units, which can concurrently analyze up to four video inputs, are specifically designed to operate in harsh outdoor conditions. In addition they provide a security level by far superior to CCTV systems. CCTV Center, MATE's distributor in Spain, has provided local support for this project.

MATE's Trigger systems are able to track objects in real time, allowing the user to select from a rich set of detectable behaviors to alert upon. These systems help security organizations better focus resources and lower response times - without raising overall surveillance overhead.

Juan Jose Gallego, Technical Manager of CCTV Center, expressed his satisfaction: "MATE's technology greatly enhanced the security envelope surrounding our client's solar power installations, and easily and cost effectively integrated into the existing infrastructure."

"Solar fields are part of the critical national infrastructure and require reliable and stable security systems" said Aviram Segal, MATE VP Sales and Marketing. "We are pleased that MATE is increasingly selected as the preferred provider to secure these and similar types of important sites."