Sunday, April 26, 2009

What is the best place for deploying Video Analytics?

Should we install Video Analytics On the Edge (a DSP based solution on or next to the video camera) or in a centralized location (a Server based solution)? Or maybe it could be one of the two depending on the topology of the Video Surveillance network? Or maybe it does not matter

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DVTel and MATE Intelligent Video award Mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia for: "Best Intelligent Metropolitan Video Surveillance Deployment"

McLean, VA (April 21, 2009) DVTel and MATE Intelligent Video presented the award "Best Intelligent Metropolitan Video Surveillance Deployment" to Mayor Fernando Margaín Berlanga from the City of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico on April 1st 2009 at the ISC West show in Las Vegas.

The award recognizes the successful implementation of a city-wide IP-based surveillance project which includes a video monitoring and recording center, video analytics detection, license plate recognition, automatic dispatch system, GIS and access control. Integration to Plataforma México is a major achievement in this project.

Implemented and designed by Global Business Solution (GBS), the project offers a complete security solution with DVTel's intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) and fully integrated MATE's Behavior Watch and Trigger video analytics for perimeter protection, restricted area monitoring and abandoned objects detection.

This integrated solution has been successful on many fronts, but most notably in reducing municipal polices' response time to incidents.

"We are proud of the capabilities that our technology adds to this urban surveillance system and the role that it plays in protecting the citizens of San Pedro" says John Szczygiel, president of MATE Intelligent Video.

"The San Pedro city project proves what can be accomplished when you think outside of the box", says Paul Smith, Executive Vice President of SaaS and Chairman of the Board, DVTel Mexico, "By exploring IP-based solutions and implementing cutting-edge technologies, ROI is met faster, people are safer in their environment and the police are able to do their job more effectively."

The recent increase in crime in Mexico, following the drug trafficking swaps, has strained officials and Police authorities in providing security for the population. The implementation of the combined DVTel/MATE solution has provided much needed relief to this issue.

Photo from left to right: John Szczygiel (MATE), Manuel Treviño (San Pedro), Mayor Fernando Margaín Berlanga, Paul Smith (DVTel), Antonio Mora (San Pedro), Jorge Vasquez (GBS)

For more information about this project view the recent FOX News coverage opening the doors of one of the command centers in the city of San Pedro.

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